MedFact engineering GmbH

Innovative. Flexible. Reliable.


MedFact is offering a full service solution for your projects:

  • From your idea to a product: We can help you design and manufacturer your medical device. This includes a design validation to make sure that all requirements are fulfilled.
  • Production of your device: You already have a fully developed medical device but can not manufacture it by yourself? No problem, we can manufacturer your device, including all needed validations and sterilisation of your device.
  • Cleaning, packaging and labelling services: We can clean and package your device according to your processes in our ISO 7 and ISO 8 cleanrooms. If neeed, sterilisation can be arraged as well.
  • Services relating to quality management and the approval of your device: As a manufacturer, we have a lot of experience with quality management and assurance of medical devices and their approval with a notified body.  

Thus, if you need any help with your project, please contact us.