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MedFact Products

Manufactured and distributed by MedFact:

MagnoFlush and MagnoBlate:

Irrigated and non-Irrigated Magnetic Ablation Catheters for robotic navigation like the Stereotaxis System and the Magnetecs System with different sized electrode tips in Gold and Platinum. 

EasyFlush and EasyBlate:

Irrigated and non-Irrigated Manually Steerable Ablation Catheters with excellent torque and easy to handle with 4mm Gold tip for improved  thermal conductivity and minimized carbonization risk.

EasyMap MAP 


Diagnostic and Pacing Catheter for Recording Monophasic Action-Potentials (MAP) and for pacing.



Here you find a publication about MAP-Catheters 

1990, October JACC , Vol. 16 No. 4

MAP Publication Franz JACC 1990

 Tubing Sets and Cables

Tubing Set

Tubing Set to connect the Irrigated Catheters to the CoolFlow®-Pump of Biosense Webster. 

For all catheters specific cables are available to connect them to the Standard Ablation Generators.


EasyConnect Pin-Adapters

Pin Adapter

By means of the EasyConnect Pin-Adapter  you easily can adapt shrouded pins to the old standard 2mm pins receptacles. Available as plugs and screw-in pins.



A Comparison of the effectiveness of Gold versus Platinum/Iridium you find here.