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CEO: Jörg Reinhardt

Engineering graduate, a skilled biomedical engineer with more than 25 years experience in the medical device industry, specialized in the field of EP and Cardiology. From 1989 until 2008 he has been shareholder and CEO of VascoMed - Institute for Catheter Technology. In January 2009 he founded MedFact Engineering GmbH in Lörrach.

The Administration Team:                                          

Gerlinda Moser  and Nathalie Leplomb


Our front-office team, Gerlinda and Nathalie, welcome you at MedFact. They are responsible for purchasing, sales and administration.


The Production Team:

MedFact products are manufactured by a team of today more than 20 employees, all are skilled workers, trained in detail and guided by long-year experienced supervisors like Tanja.



One of MedFact's Manufacturing Areas



A Comparison of the effectiveness of Gold versus Platinum/Iridium you find here.