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at MedFact Engineering GmbH, Germany


MedFact is your partner for: Development, Manufacturing, Sterilization, Packaging and Regulatory of Cardiac Mapping - and Ablation Catheters and other related products. 

FIRMap®* - Rotor Mapping Catheter for the TOPERA RhythmView®* 3D Workstation.

EasyCool® - Irrigated Steerable Ablation Catheter distributed by Boston Scientific.

MagnoFlush® - Irrigated Magnetic Remote Ablation Catheter for the Stereotaxis and Magnetecs System. 

EasyMap MAP - Diagnostic, Manually Steerable Catheter for recording Action-Potentials (MAP) and for Intracardiac Pacing. 

* Registered Trademark of Topera, Inc. USA


Here you find a publication about the FirMap® efficacy.  News


A Comparison of the effectiveness of Gold versus Platinum/Iridium you find here.